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Coming in 2019 from Beacon Press

An unflinching and luminous memoir that explores a father’s philosophical transformation when he must reconsider the questions what makes us human? and whose life is worth living? Before becoming a father, Chris Gabbard was a fast-track academic finishing his doctoral dissertation at Stanford. A disciple of Enlightenment thinkers, he was a devotee of reason, believed […]

A chapter removed from “A Life Beyond Reason”

My favorite section of A Life Beyond Reason: A Father’s Memoir, to be published in 2019 by Beacon Press, is no longer in the book. My editor cut it, but it’s still my favorite. It was based on an actual dream I had while writing the book. I had reached an impasse regarding how to […]

Clio dances “August”

About two months after August passed away, the Studio K Dance Company in Jacksonville performed this original piece.  It is a fitting remembrance for our son, and I am so proud Clio was able to dance the lead part. Choreography: April Henehan (Lyrical, 2013); Music: “My Heart With You” by XIV Hours; Performed by Studio K Dance […]

August and His Dad

. . “August and His Dad,” water color portrait by Gwen Cooper, 2006 . . . . . . . . .

Augie’s Menorah

. . “August’s Menorah,” 2005, by Jeannie Theriault .   . .  .   Jeannie Theriault . . . .

Video of August at about 7 years old

For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason / Alternative link / . . . .

Video of August at about 6 years old

For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason / Alternative link / . . . .