Bringing August home

For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason


July 12th, 2014


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215 photos of the day we dispersed August’s ashes into the Pacific Ocean at Tennessee Valley Beach in California.  Thanks to Sally McDonald, Linda Rieger, Mary Fisher Orzoff, Susan Estilaei, Karla Welch, Katy Lynn, Daniel Lanford, and Tara Mantovani Stamm for contributing their photos.


  1. It was a beautifull and inspirig day and I am so glad i took part in it.

  2. Patricia and Adrian Jones · · Reply

    Chris, Ilene and Clio….Thanks for sharing your thoughts & photos of the west coast celebration of the special gift of life God gave you in “August”. It appeared to be a very memorable occasion with family & friends (our most important treasures here on earth). The ceremony/celebration @ the Honeycutts’ here in October will always be a special memory for us also!

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Awesome pics!! Thanks for sharing Chris!! :)!

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