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“A Life Beyond Reason: A Father’s Memoir”

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Clio dances “August”

About two months after August passed away, the Studio K Dance Company in Jacksonville performed this original piece.  It is a fitting remembrance for our son, and I am so proud Clio was able to dance the lead part. Choreography: April Henehan (Lyrical, 2013); Music: “My Heart With You” by XIV Hours; Performed by Studio K Dance […]

Bringing August home

For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason . July 12th, 2014 . . 215 photos of the day we dispersed August’s ashes into the Pacific Ocean at Tennessee Valley Beach in California.  Thanks to Sally McDonald, Linda Rieger, Mary Fisher Orzoff, Susan Estilaei, Karla Welch, Katy Lynn, Daniel Lanford, and Tara Mantovani Stamm […]

Age 0 – 3: August photo slideshow

SLIDESHOW LOADS SLOWLY: BE PATIENT! For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason .     373 photos . . . . . . . . . . . . .

August’s honorary diploma

For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason . August was given an honorary diploma at the Mt. Herman graduation ceremony on May 29th, 2014.  With Duval County Public Schools superintendent Nikolai Vitti in attendance, Paula Wright, school board member representing district 4, gave Chris Gabbard his son’s diploma. Chris also received this: This video’s […]

Balloon release at Mt. Herman

For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason . At the sensory garden and mobility park of the Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center today (April 17th, 2014), an Easter Egg-Stravaganza was held.  Part of the event entailed a balloon release in memory of the four Mt. Herman children who have died this past year: […]

My friend, August, by Jamie Cornman

Everyday Dolce: finding the dolce in everyday stories of life, love, and food, by Jamie Cornman. My friend, August, 03/11/14