August’s memorial lime tree and butterfly garden


For August’s story, go to A Life Beyond Reason

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Zim Boulos and OES (Office Environments and Services) donated the garden to the Chazan-Gabbard family.  The garden was designed by landscape architect Scott Dowman and was installed by Al Thigpen Landscaping, Inc.

In the center of the ring a Persian Lime Tree. August’s ashes were mixed with the roots. Sean McNeil and David Byers helped plant it.

The butterfly garden plants “Ann Marie” Lantana, Trailing Rosemary, Milkweed, Cardinal Guard, and Porterweed.


  1. deborahacompora · · Reply

    This is so touching. Is there a close where I need to address permission to post on my blog about Landscape Architecture? Doing a memory garden is such a lovely way to honor a loved one. God Bless and Godspeed August.

  2. fantastic. A fitting tribute.

    1. Hi, Sally, Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    Oh Chris!! IT’S BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!! :)! Much love and peace!!

    1. Thanks, and peace to you as well.

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